Aaron Marsh

Senior Editor,
Fleet Owner

Growing up in upstate New York, Aaron loved to tinker with automobiles and their engines, gaining a base of mechanical understanding. He spent a decade working in Washington, D.C., around Congress and regulatory activity, writing for businesses and others trying to navigate those waters, and later covered Connecticut communities. He has been recognized both for his pen and camera covering issues ranging from transportation to health care to courts. He joined the Fleet Owner staff in July 2015.


Outreach program shows motoring public how to be safer around CMVs
FMCSA launched a public outreach program that aims to show passenger vehicle drivers how to be safer around commercial motor vehicles.
Safety lessons learned following truck driver's tragic death
On Oct. 26, 2015, a truck driver was delivering and picking up some large steel coils, each weighing about 7.6 tons. In a tragic accident, one of the coils tipped over during loading and crushed the driver. These are the lessons learned following an investigation.
Transportation innovation: Delivery drones for humans
Have flying cars arrived at last? And to think, this all started with a company's electric delivery truck and package-carrying drone. Electric pickup and medium-duty van manufacturer Workhorse Group says its new SureFly 8-rotor helicopter is ready to zip two passengers into and out of cities — or just about anywhere within a 70-mi. round trip.
Workhorse W-15 electric pickup truck
Workhorse's W-15 electric pickup offers power, targets fleet efficiency
Workhorse Group has officially unveiled its new W-15 electric pickup aimed directly at fleet efficiency and utility. While still pre-production, preliminary specs look impressive: 460 hp, all-wheel-drive, 80-mi. all-electric powered range with unlimited additional mileage possible via Workhorse's Range Extender, which uses a small gasoline engine to generate more electric power as needed.
Trailer underride guards vs. aero skirts: Potential to save lives 1
Underride guards on the sides of semi-trailers rather than aero side skirts can effectively prevent decapitation and other roof-shear/ crush injuries in a T-bone-type side collision with a passenger car, a new study has found.
A tour of two new Volvo VNRs
Volvo Trucks rolled out two of its new VNR tractors — one a VNR 300 daycab and the other a VNR 640 with 61" sleeper — at the National Private Truck Council's (NPTC) Annual Conference last week.
Around and inside Navistar's RH regional haul tractor 1
It was hard to miss one of Navistar's new RH regional haul tractors on display at the National Private Truck Council's (NPTC) 2017 Annual Conference (and Fleet Owner certainly didn't). Come with us and take a look around, under the hood and inside the new tractor.
An FMS interface to bridge the driver age gap (and maybe much more)
CINCINNATI. It's not an official product or add-on service yet, but BOLT System is developing a number of hands-free functions that could be available soon for fleet managers using its platform. And the real point of the exercise, says BOLT Chief Technology Officer Jerry Robertson, is that such an interface is likely "where trucking needs to go" in order to attract young talent — and maybe also help hang on to those industry veterans as long as possible.
Battling Fatigue  1
With the upcoming ELD mandate, you could call 2017 the year trucking takes on driver fatigue — that "other impairment" that's been shown to be just as dangerous as driving distracted or under the influence. But have we really beaten fatigue among truck drivers, and is the issue even truly being addressed?
Trucking’s beautiful people 

It’s several weeks ago that I got back from covering my first Mid-America Trucking Show, and my first time in Louisville, or even Kentucky, for that matter. I’ve been lucky to experience a number of trucking events now, but this was my first MATS. Lots of things stood out to me, as I expected, but there was one thing I was more and more aware of the longer I was there.

Trucking regulatory update: What to watch in 2017
CINCINNATI. Attendees of the National Private Truck Council's (NPTC) Annual Conference got a rundown of the regulatory items motor carriers need to be aware of this year, including updates and insight on proposed speed limiters for heavy trucks, the ELD mandate taking effect in December and more.
Atlanta I-85 update: Costs and countdown to reopening 1
With Interstate 85 through Atlanta severed like an artery following the major bridge collapse March 30, Georgia DOT officials have given a rundown of the damage, the repair plan and exactly when they expect vehicles will again be driving on the rebuilt section of I-85.
And just like that, platooning is here 4
How's it work? This could be out on real roads next month, or is already? Yes, two-truck platooning as a commercially available system could be coming to fleets on a highway near you very soon via the joint product that Omnitracs and Peloton Technology announced recently. Fleet Owner got more detail from the two companies, including how the system works, what equipment it involves, states' varying readiness for platooning and more.
Electric vehicles in trucking: Offering benefits then and now 
Electric power in trucks and trucking: it’s such a neo-modern, 2000s and 2010s kind of concept. Isn’t it? Or maybe, actually, it’s something much older, stretching back to the turn of the 20th century and the very earliest days of commercial and passenger automobiles. What might surprise some is how closely what was said about electric trucks more than a century ago mirrors what’s being said still today.
Ram unveils new color for Rebel, options for 1500-3500 Limited
At the Houston Auto Show today, Ram Truck announced a bold new color for the Ram 1500 Rebel pickup and optional monochromatic trim accents for 1500-3500 Limited models. Regarding the former new option for the Rebel, and based on the name, we're thinking of a nice, juicy steak.