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Growing up in upstate New York, Aaron loved to tinker with automobiles and their engines, gaining a base of mechanical understanding. He spent a decade working in Washington, D.C., around Congress and regulatory activity, writing for businesses and others trying to navigate those waters, and later covered Connecticut communities. He has been recognized both for his pen and camera covering issues ranging from transportation to health care to courts. He joined the Fleet Owner staff in July 2015.


Endurant automated transmission: A league of its own
Some 42 months before the new Endurant automated transmission's launch, the program engineers locked themselves in an abandoned warehouse to start completely from scratch. Well, not quite, but close — and it was about that consummate a ground-up effort. Here are some scenes and impressions from testing out the transmission at Eaton Proving Grounds in Marshall, MI.
Light trucks, vans wielding influence on future mobility
It's absolutely nothing new for, say, writers and filmmakers: trying to predict the future. But auto and truck manufacturers and related suppliers are scrambling to do it, too — designing as much for tomorrow as for today. And in various ways, trucks and vans in the light vehicle categories, Classes 1-3, are playing a big role in these efforts, sometimes advancing them and sometimes holding them back.
From mechanical to smart devices: Trucking's one-way street
MARSHALL, MI. The all-new flagship heavy duty transmission that's come from Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies, the Endurant, is "like what you're seeing across our industry — mechanical devices are all becoming smart devices." And in more ways than one, that transition in trucking to smart, connected devices that once upon a time were mechanical things is a one-way, no-turning-back proposition.
New option bundles for GM HD vans focus on business, driver wants
For 2018, General Motors is targeting fleet buyers with four new value-oriented option packages on Chevrolet Express and GMC Sonoma vans. They'll be available specifically on 2500 cargo and passenger van varieties.
Eight tips: Don't get pegged during CVSA's safe driving enforcement week 1
Fleets love to stand out and be recognized, but not in this case. Avoid delays and expense by making sure your trucks and drivers don't bring home tickets during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) upcoming safe driving enforcement week.
Ram adds 2018 upscale luxury, Texas-only special edition pickups
Driving more luxury and custom appearance offerings in the pickup truck market — both within Texas and nationally — Ram Trucks unveiled Laramie Longhorn Southfork edition pickups and heavy-duty versions of its Lone Star Silver model.
Logistical twist: New supply chain angle for drones and delivery vans
Drones still draw fascination from the public, and their potential use so far in the supply chain has centered on them flying from delivery vans to drop off packages. But what if that role was flipped around? An aptly named Mercedes-Benz Vans project called "Vans and Drones" is doing exactly that.
Should the pickup truck be the official vehicle of the United States?
Think bald eagles and America's pastime, and now picture which vehicles would best exemplify the American spirit. Shell Lubricants has an answer for that: the company announced a formal petition Oct. 3 asking the federal government to name the pickup truck the official vehicle of the United States.
Raising the HD pickup luxury ceiling: Ford unveils Super Duty Limited
There's top-shelf, and then there's opulence. Squarely targeting the heavy-duty pickup crowd that's looking for ultra-lux treatment with their mud-eating haulers, Ford announced the 2018 Super Duty Limited lineup.
A look back: 100 years of Chevy trucks
Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet's first production truck, the 1918 One-Ton. It'd be a shame to let such a milestone go by uncelebrated, and of course, Chevy isn't. Here's a crop of photos, illustrations and vintage advertisements from the automaker showcasing the generations of its pickup trucks as they evolved over the years.
Special edition Chevy pickups a hundred years in the making
The world has now seen a century of Chevy trucks, and two new special edition pickups are showing off that milestone. Chevrolet is marking the 100th anniversary of its first truck offered to the public in 1918 with 2018 Centennial editions of its Silverado and Colorado pickups.
New pickup and van options: Wide open! 
Even as automakers collectively have been seeing sales slumps in the U.S. market in passenger cars, and sedans in particular, it’s been a banner year so far for the pickup truck. The American appetite for this versatile hauler is healthy and growing, and manufacturers are also seeing rekindled interest in vans and their broad potential to serve the business or fleet customer.
Scenes and notes: Out on the road with Mack's new top dog
Mack Trucks showed off its new Anthem tractor at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show this week in Atlanta. But those trucks had to get there somehow, didn't they. Fleet Owner joined in that expedition; join us for another look.
What the self-drivers can do
What are we hoping self-driving cars can fix? Highway jam-ups and the tight antics of urban traffic are exactly what challenges would-be autonomous vehicles most and where they work least effectively.
'Too expensive, unproven, untrustworthy': Groups push for ELD delay
The most polarizing topic in trucking today — electronic logging devices, or ELDs — isn't losing any steam. With the deadline less than 12 weeks away for most commercial truck drivers to be using ELDs in recording their hours of service, groups representing owner-operators, small trucking companies, agricultural and livestock trucking and others reiterated their calls today for a delay.