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Senior Editor,
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Growing up in upstate New York, Aaron loved to tinker with automobiles and their engines, gaining a base of mechanical understanding. He spent a decade working in Washington, D.C., around Congress and regulatory activity, writing for businesses and others trying to navigate those waters, and later covered Connecticut communities. He has been recognized both for his pen and camera covering issues ranging from transportation to health care to courts. He joined the Fleet Owner staff in July 2015.


Atlanta I-85 update: Costs and countdown to reopening 1
With Interstate 85 through Atlanta severed like an artery following the major bridge collapse March 30, Georgia DOT officials have given a rundown of the damage, the repair plan and exactly when they expect vehicles will again be driving on the rebuilt section of I-85.
And just like that, platooning is here 4
How's it work? This could be out on real roads next month, or is already? Yes, two-truck platooning as a commercially available system could be coming to fleets on a highway near you very soon via the joint product that Omnitracs and Peloton Technology announced recently. Fleet Owner got more detail from the two companies, including how the system works, what equipment it involves, states' varying readiness for platooning and more.
Electric vehicles in trucking: Offering benefits then and now 
Electric power in trucks and trucking: it’s such a neo-modern, 2000s and 2010s kind of concept. Isn’t it? Or maybe, actually, it’s something much older, stretching back to the turn of the 20th century and the very earliest days of commercial and passenger automobiles. What might surprise some is how closely what was said about electric trucks more than a century ago mirrors what’s being said still today.
Ram unveils new color for Rebel, options for 1500-3500 Limited
At the Houston Auto Show today, Ram Truck announced a bold new color for the Ram 1500 Rebel pickup and optional monochromatic trim accents for 1500-3500 Limited models. Regarding the former new option for the Rebel, and based on the name, we're thinking of a nice, juicy steak.
When road disasters strike: Why commercial routing requires more 1
If you heard about the collapse last Thursday of a significant overpass section of Atlanta's Interstate 85 — an intense, long-raging fire beneath caused the damage — you saw a stark example of when commercial routing needs are very different than GPS navigation for the passenger car-driving public.
FCA rolls out new Wrangler-type concepts and more at 2017 Easter Jeep Safari
There's a group of Jeep prototypes tearing around in the desert sand. That can only mean it's time for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' annual Easter Jeep Safari event in Moab, UT, and this year, FCA is teasing the Jeep brand's most avid fans with a slew of new Wrangler-style concept vehicles.
Antique and classic trucks at MATS 2017
You didn't miss this, did you? Because if you were at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, you'd certainly have missed out if you didn't spend some time seeing the many classic and antique trucks owners brought out to the conference.
Raising the profile of trucking nationally
Photos circulated widely last week of President Trump at the American Trucking Assns.' (ATA) visit to the White House. What many may not have seen — or didn't realize they were seeing — was a major ATA effort to raise the profile of trucking with the American people and motoring public.
Gawk at MATS 2017 show trucks with us
LOUISVILLE. After you've spent a MATS going frequently to and fro the conference's south and west wings, you'll find that the show truck area way out back does take a bit of getting to. But it's well worth the hike.
MATS 2017 show trucks: Particular beauties
LOUISVILLE. Regardless of the ultimate winners, the expanse of show trucks at the Mid-America Trucking Show was packed with memorable trucks everywhere you could look. Here's the second round of standouts among the show trucks at this year's Mid-America Trucking Show in a walkaround from FO Senior Editor Aaron Marsh.
Some rare and ultra-custom ones in there, too, at MATS 2017
LOUISVILLE. Scattered among the later-model show trucks at MATS this year was the occasional very rare old dog like a 1948 Chevrolet tractor or classic 1975 Kenworth W900A. Here's the third round of standouts among the show trucks at this year's Mid-America Trucking Show in a walkaround from FO Senior Editor Aaron Marsh.
Because these truckers acted, someone's alive today
All theories and training aside, it's a critical moment: what if you're out driving and suddenly come across an accident, and what you do right then could mean someone else's life or death? David Webb, Chris Baker and Tim Freiburger, this year's finalists for the Goodyear Highway Hero award announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show, took action when that moment came.
Wrap-up: Were you at Omnitracs Outlook 2017?
Well, were you? At Omnitracs' recent Outlook 2017 user conference in Phoenix, that is? Fleet Owner was — here's our photo recap from the exhibit hall and a few additional shots besides.
A time when technology arrives to market obsolete
It's a pretty wild concept: that technology today — including that in trucking — is being eclipsed and outdated almost as soon as it can be brought to market. But if you want to know what's around the next corner for trucking, that's where you need to start, says futurist Jim Carroll.
Next potential use of 3D printing in trucking: Lightweighting 1
Just when we thought we'd seen all that was going on with 3D printing that could affect trucking and automotive, Ford Motor Co. is looking into large-scale 3D printing and another potential benefit fleets will readily recognize: lightweighting.