Goodyear’s Dunlop division has introduced a new line of fuel-efficient long-haul tires that are expected to save fleet owners up to 4% in fuel bills, as compared to using standard Dunlop long-haul tires. They also qualify as a “verified fuel saving technology” under the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program.

Dunlop stated that the new FM line of steer, drive and trailer tires – when used in all positions – should achieve those fuel savings, though the tire maker was quick to caution that actual results may vary based on when tires are replaced as well as driving and road conditions, and proper tire maintenance.

Inspired by the successful Goodyear family of Fuel Max tires, Dunlop FM tires featuring new fuel-efficient compounding include the SP 384 FM steer tire, SP 456 FM drive tire and SP 193 FM trailer tire in standard (11R22.5) and low-profile (295/75R22.5 and 285/75R24.5) sizes.

The Dunlop casings support Goodyear Fuel Max retreads to further reduce life-cycle costs while achieving excellent fuel efficiency.

According to Larry Tucker, Dunlop’s commercial marketing manager, the new FM tires are available through many Goodyear and Dunlop commercial tire outlets, as well as at many truckstops.

“Dunlop FM tires help deliver performance when it comes to fuel savings, but they also deliver in outstanding miles to removal and casing integrity,” said Tucker. “When you factor in the 4% improvement over standard Dunlop tires, our customers who are now running at 6 mpg, can move up to around 6.24 mpg, which helps save fuel costs.”