A new risk-management module that allows drivers to easily and quickly submit documentation about an incident electronically has been developed by Agile Access Control. The module, which has been beta-tested for more than a year, is part of the company’s FleetCommander fleet software package.

“The risk management module is being very well received,” said Ed Smith of Agile Access Contro. “But that’s no surprise since it was designed after consulting with subject matter experts in the areas of incident management, claims processing, training, and more. It offers significant cost savings by streamlining incident reporting and claims processing.

“Risk managers used to maintain paper records and had limited visibility regarding accident trends, now they can get a complete view of what’s happening, in real-time, using the automatically-updating risk management dashboard,” he added.

The module, using drop-down menus, check boxes, buttons and other features, walks drivers through the process of submitting information on an incident. A reminder function alerts drivers to missing information. Digital photographs and scanned copies of reports, citations, receipts, or other documentation can also be submitted.

Managers can view the information through a dashboard that is continuously updated and shows incident reports that require approval, a summary of accident causes, accident statistics by fleet segment, and where vehicles are in the claims process. Tracking of payables and receivables associated with claims is also possible.

The module also offers trend reporting, such as the leading type of incidents, through a variety of reports.