Fleet mobility technology provider PeopleNet has integrated features with the TMT Fleet Maintenance product from its sister Trimble company TMW Systems, a provider of transportation management software for fleets and logistics service providers.

The new features automate the process of road call issues, according to PeopleNet, and give fleets more options for preventative maintenance. When drivers have an issue such as a flat tire, for example, the new Road Call feature in the latest version of TMT Fleet Maintenance lets drivers fill out an automated repair order form on their PeopleNet devices.

Instead of recording information over the phone, the feature provides back office personnel with information including the exact coordinates of a driver's location to dispatch a road call crew.

"The new road call integration feature automates the process of break down information flowing into TMT [Fleet Maintenance], reducing data entry for dispatch and shop personnel," stated TMW's Renaldo Adler, principal of asset maintenance for fleets and service centers. "By streamlining the process required for repairs, we can get trucks and drivers back on the road quickly and more efficiently," he added.

Thanks to engine data enhancements, TMT Fleet Maintenance includes new tools that can be used for scheduling preventive maintenance including vehicle identification number synching and power take off (PTO) time and fuel usage measurement, according to PeopleNet. The company also notes that the fleet maintenance management product will support customization of electronic vehicle inspection report defect lists and will give fleets the option to require driver acknowledgement of repair completion forms.

For more information, visit www.PeopleNetOnline.com or www.TMWSystems.com