A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s advisory group and Medical Review Board is holding an open meeting that will include discussions on oversight of the cross-border trucking pilot program with Mexico.

The FMCSA’s Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee (MCSAC) also will consider a report from its electronic onboard recorder implementation subcommittee and related presentations. Its agenda includes addressing the Carrier Safety Measurement System’s roadside violation severity weightings.

The board and the committee will hear expert presentations on obstructive sleep apnea.

The joint meeting began yesterday and runs through tomorrow in Alexandria, VA. The last hour of each day of the full committee meeting will be reserved for public comment.

The agency has asked the MCSAC to form an advisory subcommittee to monitor the pilot program. It will have at least one representative from a motor carrier, the safety advocates community, law enforcement, and MCSAC. It also will have someone from Mexico’s motor carrier agency in a non-voting advisory capacity.

The MCSAC will assess the safety record of participating Mexican carriers and advise the FMCSA on designated tasks related to the cross-border program. It will submit a final written report following MCSAC’s spring 2015 meeting, which will address whether the FMCSA conducted the program consistent with objectives in its Federal Register Notice.