A new guide from Fuelman addresses an issue that many fleet managers either ignore, or may not even be aware of: waste within the fuel budget.

The eight-page guide, based on research from Havill & Co., examines the fuel waste that plagues many fleets—including everything from theft to administrative time demands and employee downtime. By understanding these factors, businesses can better control fuel and maintenance costs, noted Fuelman, a fuel management solutions provider.

“Fuelman’s goal is to help businesses of all sizes save money by eliminating unwanted spending, fraudulent purchasing, administrative inefficiency, and other problems associated with fleet management,” said Pamela Bartz, vp of marketing.“The data was quite revealing so we wanted to share it with fleet operators to bring their attention to the unseen wasted money that many businesses lose each year without a comprehensive fuel and maintenance management program to expose it.”

The guide, “Beware of Hidden Costs That Eat Away at Your Fuel Budget,” uses two market research studies as its basis. The first was a multi-client study entitled “The U.S. Commercial Fleet Market Forecast,” a survey of over 1,100 fleet administrators nationwide, and the second, a Havill research project conducted in October that surveyed 300 fleet administrators regarding the costs of operating business vehicles.

For more information, go to www.fuelman.com.