Weigh station bypass system provider Drivewyze is the most recent company to join Pegasus TransTech’s Transflo Connect Partner Program, meaning that Pegasus will be integrating weigh station bypass features into its new Transflo Mobile offering.

“The Drivewyze PreClear bypass solution helps drivers and fleets save time and money,” noted Brian Heath, Drivewyze’s president and CEO, in a statement. “Integrating into the Transflo Connect platform brings it to greater numbers of users. It’s where the fleets and drivers are."

The new Drivewyze PreClear app integration will work on the same mobile devices motor carriers and drivers use to run Transflo Mobile, with no additional transponder required, he pointed out.

“We’re adding new partners as well as new categories of technology features through the Transflo Connect platform,” added Mark Spicer, Pegasus’ vice president of integrated solutions, noting that with all previously announced partner integrations completed, the new Drivewyze integration is expected to be available beginning this quarter.