NetMotion Software recently rolled out a new “visualization tool” this week dubbed Mobile IQ.

Built on Splunk Enterprise, Mobile IQ is designed to deliver real-time analysis and alerts on mobile connectivity, security, performance, and behavior so that information technology (IT) operations teams can make faster, more informed decisions.

“Operation teams grapple with understanding connectivity challenges and mitigating security threats on mobile devices,” noted Christopher Kenessey, CEO at NetMotion, in a statement. “Mobile IQ is purpose-built to drill down into the rich data previously unavailable within mobile devices to finally visualize real-time information and insights needed to make smart operational decisions.”

He added that Mobile IQ is designed to put “business-critical data” at the fingertips of customers so that urgent issues can be resolved quickly while ensuring optimal day-to-day performance. Example of how that information is delivered to customers includes:

  • System Summary Dashboard – An all-up view of the connectivity and security status of a mobile deployment, including connection problems, data flow on Wi-Fi, cellular and wired networks, top data consumers, negative trends and device locations.
  • Diagnostic Reports – These track the arrival rate and source of diagnostic reports, investigate the most common root causes for failure and drill down on the map to find problem devices, users and locales. 
  • Wi-Fi Security Dashboards – These review the status of devices using Wi-Fi networks to connect to app servers and provide an overview of connected devices, data sent and by whom, possible security concerns and which networks may be experiencing performance problems.
  • Device Dashboards – Analyze security and operational metrics in the mobile deployment. Track data usage by interface type and carrier, current and previous device states, location and other key metrics.