The State of Colorado has awarded a contract to Agile Access Control to supply its Agile FleetCommander software to the state.

Agile FleetCommander offers Colorado electronic billing, web-based remote vehicle management capabilities, and the chance to right-size vehicle inventories, it said.

“We are thrilled to play a key role in helping Colorado achieve its motor pool management objectives,” said Ed Smith, president of Agile. “We are especially happy to assist Colorado with right-sizing their fleet. Right-sizing through the efficient sharing of vehicles is certainly one of the most effective ways to reduce fleet costs.”

Colorado said it expects to use the system to create a customized electronic billing function that interfaces with the state I.T. system and simplifies the monthly state billing process; to provide accurate and validated account data collection during the reservation process; and to track and report comprehensive vehicle utilization rates by vehicle type throughout the year and identify missed revenue opportunities.

In addition, the software offers secure web-based remote access from anywhere, enabling users to reserve vehicles on a 24/7 basis and eliminate paper-driven processes, and detailed reports that enable the state to eliminate unneeded motor pool vehicles.

“We will be reducing costs at the same time we are making it easier and more convenient for state employees to access a vehicle - day or night - using the self-service motor pool kiosk with automated key control. It’s a win-win for the state and for our employees,” said Ron Clatterbuck, fleet operations manager.