Customers of Enterprise Fleet Management (EFM) will now have access to a machine-to-machine (M2M) solution that will provide real-time visibility into vehicle activities.

The Mobile Resource Manager (MRM) solution is being offered through a partnership with Sprint and Sprint’s 3G wireless network. Enterprise’s customers will enjoy a high level of vehicle tracking and reporting, wireless job dispatching and time tracking, and built-in navigation for improved productivity, communications, and ultimately customer service, the company said.

MRM provides real-time resource tracking as well as historical reporting with customized exception reports. Using Sprint’s 3G network, dispatchers can communicate directly with drivers so jobs can be dispatched quicker, the company said.

Workers in the field can access detailed driving directions with the system, and send and receive detailed text messages to dispatch.

“Enterprise Fleet Management chose Sprint as a partner for MRM because they share our commitment to provide technology solutions that help our customers operate more efficiently,” said Tom Chelew, vice president-EFM. “Our primary focus is on businesses with medium-size fleets, which often operate in a highly competitive environment where time is money and driver safety is a priority. For these customers, MRM can be a dream come true.”