PeopleNet and TMW Systems will be working together on the development o f several projects that will automate workflows and improve reporting for carriers.

Among the projects is the TMW TruckMate/PeopleNet Enhanced Automated Workflow, which will ensure accurate billing and improve customer service. The system will combine embedded decision tree forms with multiple order numbers into a single manifest for the driver. It will include the ability to jump into or out of a form quickly to improve driver efficiency, PeopleNet said.

The companies will also be working on a TMT Fleet Maintenance/PeopleNet eDVIR and Vehicle Management product. This will make the management of DVIRs more efficient through the addition of Domicile Shop to Inspection Ticket Grid. It will also include relevant DVIR retrieval for DOT audits, identification of “DOT critical” and non-critical inspection items, elimination of multiple records for the same defect, addition of the repair order number to the mechanic’s acknowledgement, and user-defined deletion of eDVIRs.

“The projects are designed to improve driver and dispatch efficiency, streamline the inspection reporting and repair process, and provide management the ability to create customized reports, including engine monitoring data,” said Brian McLaughlin, PeopleNet COO, in making the announcement this week at the TMW User Conference. “These projects are the latest in our 12-year relationship with TMW Systems.”

The two companies will also work on an IDSC MatchAdvice/PeopleNet eDriver Logs solution designed to improve the accuracy of estimated time-of-arrival calculations. Hours-of-service data from electronic logs is automatically updated and calculated in IDSC MatchAdvice for use in matching drivers with trucks and loads.

The inclusion of vehicle management data into the TMW Data Warehouse reporting system expands the range of business and maintenance analytics that customers can build without IT assistance is part of a new TMW Data Warehouse/PeopleNet Vehicle Management solution.

The projects are in various stages of development and/or testing, PeopleNet said.